Belize or Bust Part 3

Well I finally made it to the last installment of our Belize family vacation.  Wanted to tell you about all the fun ways we traveled around Belize.  I think we rode on just about every kind of transportation as possible that week.

First of all we flew in from Atlanta on a plane of course.  Took a taxi to the port and then the water shuttle to the island.  Once on Ambergris Caye it was evident that not very many people had a car to drive there.  The streets are narrow and small so most everyone had a golf cart or bike.  We first chose walking to get around the island.  It was a little over a mile from our hotel to the downtown area.  Once downtown everything was really close.  

A few days later we decided to ride bikes we could “check out” at our resort.  The bikes were fun but a little nerve racking for our youngest.  She did not enjoy being on a bike that long and in traffic (albeit was mostly golf cart traffic).  So then we decided to rent a golf cart the last few days we were on the island.  We got to go a little farther and see more things on the island which was really fun.

Now that we’ve got all these ways to get around I’ll leave you with some fun pics of our time on the island.

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