Belize or Bust Part 3

Well I finally made it to the last installment of our Belize family vacation.  Wanted to tell you about all the fun ways we traveled around Belize.  I think we rode on just about every kind of transportation as possible that week.

First of all we flew in from Atlanta on a plane of course.  Took a taxi to the port and then the water shuttle to the island.  Once on Ambergris Caye it was evident that not very many people had a car to drive there.  The streets are narrow and small so most everyone had a golf cart or bike.  We first chose walking to get around the island.  It was a little over a mile from our hotel to the downtown area.  Once downtown everything was really close.  

A few days later we decided to ride bikes we could “check out” at our resort.  The bikes were fun but a little nerve racking for our youngest.  She did not enjoy being on a bike that long and in traffic (albeit was mostly golf cart traffic).  So then we decided to rent a golf cart the last few days we were on the island.  We got to go a little farther and see more things on the island which was really fun.

Now that we’ve got all these ways to get around I’ll leave you with some fun pics of our time on the island.

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Belize or Bust Part 2

Ok so I am a terrible blogger!  Here it is nearly 18 months since we went to Belize and I still haven’t finished talking about it.  Well it was one of our favorite trips ever!  I guess I’m just letting the memories linger on.

So where were we?  Oh yes I was going to tell you about some of our excursions.  Since we stayed on the small island of Ambergris Caye we had lots of water activities around.  My husband got to scuba dive at the Blue Hole and surrounding reefs.  While he did that the kids and I enjoyed a lazy day at the pool and beach.

We took the kids on their first snorkeling adventure just off shore.  Shark Alley and the coral reef were just ten minutes from the shore and a boat picked us up right at our hotel’s dock.  

So these sharks were all around our boat thanks to the guide feeding them.  As scary as it looked they were harmless nurse sharks.  We even got to pet one when our guide held it for us.  I was kinda nervous about taking the kids out like that.  I have not had the best snorkel experiences in the past.  However we had a great guide who had just what we needed to help the kids.  He let them hold a ring and just kick and look while he pulled them around.  We actually had a great time!

Another day we took the water shuttle to the mainland and went river tubing and zip lining.  The water shuttle takes about an hour and then the ride from town to the river caves was another hour or so.  First we did the zip lining.  Again I was not sure about taking the kids up in the trees for this but our guides were great! They could hook the kids onto them and go down the line so no one would get stuck or scared.  It was a bit of a workout with lots of climbing and holding on tight but still very fun.  Sadly we didn’t get any pictures because we aren’t cool go pro owners and we didn’t want to lose a camera.  So you’ll have to use your imagination. 🙂

Next we went through the jungle for some cave tubing.  The walk took about 30 minutes and our guide told us about all the trees, plants and animals (insects) we saw along the way.  We found a great tour company that carried our inner tubes to the water for us which was very helpful for the kids.  We swam a little at the rivers entrance and then we connected our tubes to the guide and floated along.  He gave us some history of the Mayan people who once used the caves for various things.  We had headlights so it wasn’t too dark.  The water was calm and cool.  One of my favorite things we did the whole trip!

After cruising down the river we had a shorter walk back to the main facility.  There are nice bathrooms for washing off and changing here and some shops for souvenirs.  There was also a wonderful buffet lunch served.  After enjoying lunch we loaded up and rode back into town.  The scenery along the way was great!  Our driver pointed out a famous landmark known as “the sleeping giant”.  As you can tell this chain of mountains looks like a man laying on his back looking up.  Pretty cool!

In part 3 I’ll tell you about some fun ways that we got around in Belize.

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Belize or Bust part 1

Well it has taken me way too long to get to this post.  Life is like that I guess.  Busy and on the go all the time which is why we all need a vacation every now and again.

Last August we took the whole family (me, my husband and 2 kids) to Belize for a week.  It was quite an adventure especially for the kids.  They have traveled outside of the USA before but I think this is the first one they will really remember.

The flight was a nice non stop from Atlanta to Belize City and only took about 3 hours.  We left home early but were in Belize in time for a late lunch.  We spent the first afternoon touring the main tourist attraction in the city – the cruise port.  It is basically a shopping mall with duty free shops and locally made items.

The next stop was the Museum of Belize.  Just a few blocks from the cruise port so we walked over.  There were some really neat things about the history of Belize including a neat exhibit on the species of insects native to the country.  My kids really enjoyed that part.IMG_4749
After the museum we got ready to board the water ferry to Ambergris Caye, a small island off the coast of Belize.  I found a lovely little resort called Mata Rocks we could call home for a week right on the water.  It was just a mile or so from the center of town so we did a lot of walking and some bike riding.  The resort had free bike rentals and included breakfast as well. IMG_4762 IMG_4771The room we had was just steps from the pool and beach. There were only a few guests as there are only about 20 rooms so we got to know some of them while we played at the pool.   IMG_4758
One of the only bad things about this trip was the amount of seaweed on the beach.  This was TONS of seaweed not like the little line we get on the Gulf Coast.  Every day people were raking and scooping it up but it came back.  You can see the piles on our beach that were raked up.  I think there was one really good day where the seaweed stayed back a bit.  We usually went to the end of the pier to jump in the water because it was past the seaweed line.  They said it was the worst it’s ever been so hopefully it is getting better now.

Water sports and rainforest adventures are all over the country and we got to do some exploring I’ll share in the next post.

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